Charlene Amoylin

Charlene Amoylin

I think my most memorable experience in Vatel Manila is having an immersion because it really molded us on where I am right now. Because of the immersions that we had, like the OJT (On the job training) Practicum trainings, it really helped us a lot since, from an early age, from the early terms, we already deploy to different departments in the hotel industry wherein we did Front Office and F&B. And it really helped me a lot right now especially that I am working in the Front Office Department.

Before graduation, I had my PRACTI2 in New World Makati and they absorbed me to work for them as Front Office Associate. But I realized that I really wanted to take ITN, so I resigned at New World Makati and took the opportunity to do the ITN in Snowshoe in West Virginia and Sandestin in Florida. After that, I went back here just last December 2017, and then I applied for the position of Front Office Associate in Holiday Inn Express at Resorts World Manila. And my goal now is actually to have a higher position in the hotel or have my own business as well. 


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